Gift Vouchers

Looking for a unique gift which cool parents who care for the planet will really thank you for and which won’t end up on their next car-boot sale stall?

A SuperLooper gift voucher buys them membership to join a fantastic community of parents and gives them their choice of great clothes to rent from our online baby clothing library.

It’s the sustainable, smart, waste-free gift that keeps on giving.

How do I buy the voucher?

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  2. Scroll down to the start of the clothing library and click the gift icon that you’ll find at the top of each page by the ‘login’ and ‘create account’ buttons
  3. Select the gift voucher you would like to buy by clicking the amount at the bottom of the voucher
  4. Scroll down to fill in the recipient’s details and leave them a personal message
  5. Then click ‘Pay £xx’ to make payment
  6. The lucky person being gifted will receive an email from SuperLooper giving instructions of how to redeem their voucher.

Any problems or questions please email