Winter Coats: How to Keep Your Baby Warm in Winter

How To Keep Your Baby Warm in Winter – On a Budget.

Do you find it hard to choose which winter clothes to get for your little one? Don’t have the money to splash out on an expensive coat that will only fit for one winter? Read on for our top tips for keeping your baby warm without breaking the bank!

Babies often don’t like being wrapped up so much that they can’t move, so if your baby seems unhappy when you go out into the cold, maybe it’s because you’ve chosen the wrong coat!  

As parents we probably tend to overdo it and it’s difficult because your baby can’t really tell you if they’re too hot. The first thing you know about it is when they get upset and cranky!

The way around this is to try layering with clothes made from different thin fabrics that can be easily shed to maintain the right body temperature. The air spaces between the layers trap in the warm air from the body keeping baby cosy and snug. The outer coat doesn’t have to be thick and stifling, it simply needs to be able to keep the warm body temperature from escaping.

Bottom Layer

Long Sleeved Woodland Print Shirt

This is mainly to keep your baby dry and comfortable rather than damp and cold. 

Cotton is natural and can be worn close to sensitive skin without causing irritation.

Middle Layer

Scandi Style Wool Jumper

This works as the insulator trapping your baby’s body-heat in and keeping them warm rather than weighed-down and overheated! 

Fleece makes a great mid-layer because it keeps heat in while remaining breathable. Fleece is made of polyester – an entirely synthetic material. It manages to keep you warm without weighing you down and also dries quickly.

Wool is the warmest and has the natural insulating and moisture-wicking properties. Merino wool is great for babies because it’s soft and never itchy.

Flannel is used for everything from shirts to bed sheets because it insulates well thanks to air pockets throughout the fabric. It works as both an inner or outer layer.

Outside Top Layer


Because it’s facing the elements, this layer should be waterproof and/or windproof.  

Nylon jackets or a down-jacket with a waterproof shell work well against rain and wind.

Faux fur is great when it’s windy but not rainy.

The thickness of corduroy makes it warm and durable so it also works great as an outer layer.  

Be safe!


Make sure you peel off the layers once you are warm back inside – your baby has as much trouble cooling down as heating up. One way to determine if your baby is warm enough is to feel their toes and belly as soon as you come out of the cold. You want their toes to be on the cool side, but not cold and the belly should feel warm. A cool belly means your baby is not able to warm their-self and needs another layer.

When travelling, puffy coats and snowsuits or blankets can make car seat straps too loose which is a health hazard.  You can buy car-seat liners to give that extra layer in a more safe way.  Tuck blankets around your baby once they are strapped in and not before.  

Feel The Warmth with SuperLooper

Your little one’s heads and hands need to be protected from the cold.  A cozy hat that covers your ears and has a chin strap is great and mittens help to keep those little hands toasty.  At SuperLooper we have loads of gorgeous hats, gloves and mittens which you can borrow from our Lucky Loops chest. Just message us with your request and we’ll able to supply you with what your need – FREE OF CHARGE! (subject to availability)

We have all sorts of lovely winter coats, snuggle suits, snowsuits, pram suits and jackets in our library to suit all needs.  We also have lovely jumpers, flannel shirts, long sleeve T’s, leggings – all great for layering.  

The joy of SuperLooping is that you can swap your clothes each month – with the seasons, or just because you want to try out layering different fabrics. The point is that when you rent rather than buy, you can choose all sorts of lovely things to keep for just as long as you need, and because they’re gently worn pre-loved clothes, you rent at a fraction of the price you would pay to buy new!

Kate Mager
Author: Kate Mager