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Rip it up and start again … AGAIN!

A groovy shirt crafting project from SuperLooper founder Jenny Barrett, perfect for updating your own wardrobe or saving your little one’s clothes from the landfill!

SuperLooper’s founder Jenny Barret isn’t a newbie when it comes to being savvy and sustainable with clothes. In the spirit of recycling, we are digging out this upcycling DIY sewing tutorial from the 1989 March edition of the Australian ‘Girlfriend’ magazine, created by Jenny herself. Jenny worked for the magazine whilst on a backpacking trip in Australia, now in 2022, she is still working to reduce waste with the baby clothing rental service SuperLooper.

Whilst this tutorial wasn’t made with babies in mind we think it would work great with baby clothes. Not just shirts but bodysuits, dresses, trousers … you name it! Here at SuperLooper we are currently creating an upcycled collection of baby clothing to be released very soon so keep your eyes peeled. Sign up to our newsletter to make sure you stay up to date! Until then why not get crafty with this tutorial …

Taken from Girlfriend magazine 1989. DIY Shirt Crafting

We still think that this is a cool way to freshen up old boring pieces in your wardrobe so we are upcycling this tutorial so it can be enjoyed again by a whole new audience. A great way to get rid of big stains without getting rid of the whole garment – making it perfect for baby clothes! Why not give it a go and create your very own DIY funky patched-up shirt!

Here are some more in-depth instructions for anyone wanting to get crafting. Scroll down for a typed-up version.

ken from Girlfriend magazine 1989. DIY Shirt Crafting

Shirt 1

Cut off – or unpick, if you’re finicky – one sleeve, the pocket (if it’s got one), and the tails. Also, remove both front panels, but leave the front placket, where you do the buttons up. 

Sew Shirt 3’s sleeves onto Shirt 1’s Yoke. Then add one front panel from Shirt 2 and another from Shirt 3.

Shirt 2

Snip off another sleeve and both front panels – but leave the front placket.

Add Shirt 1’s sleeves to the body of Shirt 2. Sew both of Shirt 1’s front panels to the yoke and placket. If you like you can even swap Shirt 3’s back with Shirt 2’s!

Shirt 3

Remove both sleeves this time, and the pocket. Trim the bottom to give it shirt tails. Sew Shirt 2’s sleeve and front yoke to Shirt 3. Shirt 1’s pocket can go on here and Shirt 1’s sleeve too.

And remember:

  • This is just one way of making new shirts from old. Experiment yourself.

  • You can use shirts made of any fabric – but they should be around the same size or you’ll have trouble sewing them together.

  • You can use as few as two shirts and as many as you like. So if you’ve got a shirt that’s falling apart except for its back, then just add that to a shirt in better condition. You don’t even have to take the other back off; just sew the new part over the old.

  • Patch any holes or faults in the base shirt with pieces of the shirt you’re adding to it.

And here is the piece itself!

If you decide to give this DIY project a go why not upload a picture to Instagram and tag us @superlooperlife . We’d love to see your groovy crafting creations!

Kate Mager
Author: Kate Mager