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Imagine a life with more joy and less guilt. 

That’s the life we’re creating for consciously busy parents, everywhere. We call it a SuperLooper Life.


Living a Super Looper Life starts with seeing things from a positive angle. It’s a practice that helps you to rest in the truth that everything you do for your child and the planet IS GOOD ENOUGH.


Because doing SOMETHING is better than doing nothing.


COME ON. STAND UP FROM YOUR CHAIR. IT’S TIME TO make some room for you to EXPERIENCE MORE JOY with your little ones.


Join us. Start renting and re-using lovely clothes for your baby on repeat.

How It Works

How it works: Baby Clothing Rental

How it works: Baby Clothing Rental

Renting is easy

  • Simply sign up and select your subscription plan.
  • Once you have purchased your subscription you will have full access to our clothing rental library!
  • Each subscription includes £20 of credit each month. Add the code ‘monthlycredit’ at the checkout to claim this.
  • As well as £20 worth of clothing rental, your monthly membership covers the cost of 1  delivery and 1 return each month.
  • Browse through the library and add the items you would like to rent to your cart – you have £20 credit to spend!.
  • If you want more clothes, you can choose as many as you want, any excess will simply be charged to your card at the checkout.
  • Make sure to check out our convenient £3 basics bundles and remember you can add up to 6 FREE Lucky Loops items to your order!
  • Your order will then be posted to you to rent for as long as you need.
  • At the end of the month, you can renew all or part of your order or swap everything out for new items.
  • Use the box your order was sent out in to post back any items you are returning. The cost of the return postage is covered by your membership.


Our Subscription Plans

The SuperLoop

Remember, we’re not only a baby clothing rental service, SuperLooper is also a place to send your outgrown baby clothes to be kept in the Loop and out of the landfills for longer.
Our library is filled with gorgeous clothes given to us by parents doing a conscious clearout and also lovely items donated by our participating star brands who want their excess stock to go to loving homes.

We’d love it if you donated to the library – the better the quality and condition, the better the SuperLoop will be. Your lovely outgrown baby and toddler clothes will be loved & looped again and together with our beautiful planet, we’ll all be winners!

Return & Earn

In addition, we have created our Return and Earn scheme pioneered by Little Green Radicals who are now joined by Lucy & Sam with more to come.

Basically, if you don’t have the opportunity or time to sell or hand-down outgrown items from the brands, send them to us free of charge and we’ll grade them for the brands who’ll send you generous discount vouchers to redeem when you next shop with them. This way we’re all doing our bit to keep lovely things looping for longer.

Find out more about our Return and Earn Super Brands


Baby Clothing Rental Bundles

We offer newborn bundles with a selection of items perfect for welcoming your little one into the world – the bundles include clothing, bedding, and accessories like mitts and muslins. 

To save time and money you can also choose to rent our basic bundles. These include bundles of bodysuits, sleepsuits, t-shirts, and leggings. For £3 you’ll receive 7 bodysuits (one for every day of the week), 4 sleepsuits, 4 t-shirts, or 4 pairs of leggings. Simply select the size you need and your preferred style and we will put together a bundle for you. You can inform us of any further preferences by adding a note with your order at the checkout. Whilst we aim to include at least 1 item that matches your selected style, all bundles are mixed and subject to availability. These are basic bundles and include a mixture of brands and items of varying conditions. However, we always try and include something a bit special in there. Whether it’s an item from one of our partner brands, any other high-quality brand, or something in like-new condition!

Shop Bundles Here

Lucky Loops

A stack of white baby clothing rental bodysuits and sleepsuits.

Lucky Loops – Baby Clothing Rental

Every month you’ll be able to dip into the Lucky Loops box to find FREE useful baby basics and accessories. You can add up to 6 items from the Lucky Loops every month.

The Lucky Loops include:

  • Plain white basic bodysuits/vests/sleepsuits.
  • Swimwear.
  • Shoes, socks, tights, mitts, and hats.
  • Bibs and muslins.
  • Bedding

To add Lucky Loops to your order just add a comment at the checkout with your requests. Local members can come and browse the Lucky Loops at the Brighton Low Waste Parenting Group on the first Friday of each month.