Here’s why parents love SuperLooper

What I've noticed is I haven't bought anything the past month which is amazing. I also love the fact that Arthur now wears leggings - I wouldn't have had that idea before. That's thanks to the bundle you specially prepared for him. The same with the choice of colours … salmon legging trousers? SuperLooper made me try things I wouldn't have otherwise. Furthermore, thanks to SuperLooper, I've discovered brands I didn't know before. Great brands I now love, like Little Green Radicals and Supernatural. The other great thing about SuperLooper is that Arthur and I made new friends. So for us, our experience of SuperLooper is just fantastic all round. Thank you for having created it Jenny. Audrey and Arthur
Audrey and Arthur
We have definitely bought fewer items of clothing since being in the Loop. We have less clothing in our cupboards which is a good thing as they take up quite a lot of space and lots of them would just be sitting there unworn for a long time. It is great that the clothes Red borrows from the loop will be given back for many other babies to wear. We often use an eco laundry egg which you told us about if there aren't stains on the clothing and almost always wash at 30 degrees. It has definitely made me more conscious of fashion waste and I do mend where I can. I am paying more attention to where Red's clothes come from and likewise for my own choice of clothing. I feel that friends I have talked to about it have also become more conscious of where they buy their baby clothes and the environmental impact. Now we just need a SuperLoop for grown ups!Audrey and Arthur
Sarah & Red
I would say I've definitely felt the need to buy fewer baby clothes since joining SuperLooper. The fact that we can choose the clothes bundles means River has had exactly what he needs. By the time he's grown out of the clothes there's a new load waiting for him, which has meant I've saved time and money trying to source clothes in other ways. Typically, I'd try and get hand-me-downs from one of the local mums who I'd find via Facebook groups and would offer a bit of money, unless I needed something very specific, in which case I'd buy new from a shop. With SuperLooper I have been able to ask for that specific item, e.g. a little raincoat. It's also been really beneficial not having an ever-growing pile of clothes that no longer fit, as I don't have many friends with babies younger than mine, so it's always been an extra chore to find someone to donate to.
Ella & River