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Where Does it Come From

Tortoise Shirt | Share & Earn

Tortoise Shirt | Share & Earn

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Your little ones will love this beautiful organic tortoise shirt!

It’s been created from 100% organic cotton, hand dyed a deep green and then block printed by hand with tortoises.  The shirt is so soft as the cotton has been handspun and the fabric handwoven – a traditional process called Khadi.  Handwoven fabrics are naturally more breathable which means that this tortoise shirt will keep your child lovely and cool while they play.

This shirt is a great all-year-rounder – simply put a long sleeved top underneath in cooler weather!

The farming, fabric production and tailoring has all been done by socially and environmentally focused organisations – from co-operatives, artisan groups and social enterprises.  Each shirt comes with a code on the label so you can explore its life story – you can ‘meet’ the people involved and find out how they did it!

Visit the Where Does it Come From website for more  information on how these clothes are made and to shop a range of sizes for sale from age 4-11.


Most of our items can be washed at 40° but some require more specialist care. Always read the label for specific instructions.

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