Welcome to SuperLooper!

Where baby clothes just keep giving! 

Enjoy adorable clothes without breaking the bank or cluttering your cupboards.

And the best part? You’re doing something smart for the planet by keeping cute little outfits in the loop.

No extra charge for stains or damage and no problem if you need to take a break or cancel your subscription.

Join the fun and experience the joy of looping!

Choose to have either playtime or premium condition items in your selection and if you want to rent for 1 or 2 months at a time.

Take our super fun quiz and tell us your personal style preferences and needs. From there, we take care of everything else. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

Top Saver Tip! The 2-month option is the best value – more clothing for a lower price, starting at just £20.00 per month for 20 items! 

Why Rent Your Baby Clothes?

Join other planet-loving parents who have switched to our multi-award-winning baby clothing rent and re-use service because we make it easy and affordable to keep lovely baby clothes in circulation longer.

A selection of gently-worn clothes to suit your style and needs delivered to delight and surprise you every one or two months.  0-3 years with a selection* for older siblings (up to 7 years ) which we can add to your order on request. 

*subject to availability

An average spend on baby clothes in the first year is £997.  SuperLooper rental prices start at just £20 per month for 20 items – that’s around £700 SAVED per year!

Reusing clothes and keeping them in the loop and out of landfills is the most sustainable way of dressing your baby

Say goodbye to space-wasting piles of clothing you no longer need as you swap each order for the next size up and get rid of your outgrown clothes responsibly and thoughtfully by donating them to the SuperLoop

Have as many clothes as you want or need in the happy knowledge that you’re not creating waste. If clothes get stained, don’t worry, there’s no charge!

If re-selling your baby clothes is too time-consuming, or if you don’t have people to pass them on to, do a conscious clear-out of your cupboards and send them to us to share with other families so you can spend more time with yours.

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