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Award Winning Baby Clothing Rental
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Award Winning Baby Clothing Rental
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Welcome to SuperLooper!

Experience the joy of SuperLooping by signing up to rent super-cute pre-loved baby clothes, which you return to the Loop when they’re outgrown, saving money, space and time, and significantly reduce waste.
For just £23 including delivery and return, get 15-20 items per month. Subscribers are penalty-free for stains or damage, and you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time. SuperLooper is also a home for your baby’s other outgrown clothes to be loved and looped again.

Why Rent Your Baby Clothes?

Join other planet-loving parents who have switched to our multi-award-winning baby clothing rent and re-use service because we make it easy and affordable to keep lovely baby clothes in circulation longer.

Keeping clothes in the loop and out of the landfills is the most sustainable thing you can do

Say goodbye to space-wasting piles of outgrown clothes as you do a conscious clear-out

Beautiful one-off clothes for all occasions from 0-3 years and counting!

Have as many clothes as you want or need in the happy knowledge that you’re not creating waste. If clothes get stained, don’t worry, there’s no charge!

If selling on your baby clothes is too time-consuming and not worth the effort, or if you don’t have people to pass them on to, SuperLooper is the one-stop shop for recycling outgrown items and getting the next size up.

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