The Revolution is here!

There’s a great new subscription service coming soon to Brighton & Hove.  It’s a lending library for baby and maternity clothes.

No waste, no landfill, no stress - just lovely, good quality clothes for your baby and you to wear for just as long as you need.  We recycle so that you don’t have to!

We're currently building our SuperLooper community and running an early-adopter trial in Brighton to make sure that the service is just what families need in terms of convenience, price, choice etc. 

We're looking to go live with our project in early 2020 - and we'd love for you to come on board and join our community.  

If you’re excited by this please get in touch

Why SuperLooper?

With 183 million pieces of unused baby clothing reportedly languishing in UK cupboards at any one time, there must surely be another way.  

As SuperLoopers we know that we have to do something to change our wasteful and polluting habits, and here’s a great way to start.

Own Your Future Not Your Clothes!

How does it work?

SuperLooper is a subscription service offering the opportunity to update your maternity and baby garments from our clothing library every month.


You can also recycle your own good quality outgrown garments in return for access to more of our loved and looped clothes.   We’ll use a local pick-up and drop-off system (your local eco or zero waste store)  to save on cash and carbon delivery costs!

What Next?

With help from parents like you we're creating an easy and enjoyable new way to consume maternity and baby clothing with as little waste as possible, and finding ways to live more sustainable lives that play a part in protecting the world for our babies.

After our trial run we aim to launch SuperLooper to the wider Brighton and Hove market in early 2020.

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