What is SuperLooper?

Welcome to SuperLooper! Our affordable rental subscription box delivers gorgeous baby clothes and accessories straight to your door every other month. Enjoy beautiful outfits that save you money and space while supporting a sustainable future. Cancel any time, with no charges for stains and free accessories, you can rent worry-free and commitment-free. Choose your own clothes or let us curate a delightful surprise for you. Join us in giving back to the planet while dressing your little one in style!

  • Join the loop

    Sign up today and try our service for just £15 for the first month! Save even more with our 6-month or yearly payment options. Cancel anytime and no charges for stains - it's all hassle-free.

  • Choose a plan

    We can choose your clothes like a personal shopper, or with the 'My choice' you can browse our library for the full shopping experience. Enjoy an abundant selection of brands, styles, and outfits for any weather and season.

  • Swap your items

    Swap your items every 2 months as your baby grows and the seasons change. Simply pop them back in a box with a prepaid label and you’re done. By reducing deliveries, we pass the savings on to you, keeping things more affordable!

  • Organic Baby Awards 2023

    Best Clothing Loop - GOLD 

    Best Sustainable Brand - GOLD 

    Best Gift - BRONZE

    2022 Best Gift Innovation – SILVER

  • Marie Clare Sustainabilty Awards 2022

    WINNER Best Sustainable Small Business (Kids).

    HIGHLY COMMENDED Best Rental Brand for Kids.

  • Parent & Baby Awards

    2023 Best Clothing Solution for Sustainable Parenting

    2022 Best Baby Clothing Rental Company UK

  • Mama & Baby Tots 2023

    Best Baby Preloved Clothing Rental - GOLD

    Best Environmentally Friendly Brand - SILVER

  • The Mum's Marketplace 2023

    Best Sustainable Children's Clothes Brand - GOLD

Why rent your baby clothes?

Save Money

The average spend on baby clothes in the first year is £997.  SuperLooper rental prices start at just £25 per month when you opt for the 6-month payment option - that's over £600 SAVED per year!

Each loop has a value of £1 with 5 extra loops to spend if you opt for our ‘My Choice’ plan! 

On average, the items in our library are valued at £2 per month. Soooo much cheaper than buying new and with none of the costly postal charges you have when you buy secondhand!

Care for the planet

Reusing clothes and keeping them in the loop and out of landfills is the most sustainable way of dressing your baby

Clear the clutter

Say goodbye to space-wasting piles of clothing you no longer need as you swap each order for the next size up and get rid of your outgrown clothes responsibly and thoughtfully by donating them to the SuperLoop

Guilt and worry free

Have as many clothes as you want or need in the happy knowledge that you’re not creating waste. If clothes get stained, don’t worry, there’s no charge!

More time to enjoy your baby

If re-selling your baby clothes is too time-consuming, or if you don’t have people to pass them on to, do a conscious clear-out of your cupboards and send them to us to share with other families so you can spend more time with yours.

Our clothes

Stylish and caring parents send us their fave items with a LOOP HUG for you to enjoy and keep in use for longer.

Here’s a small peak at the kind of clothes we have on offer, but click here to browse the full library

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Try renting and change the way we all (over)consume.

SuperLooper is dedicated to helping parents access all the cute baby clothes they desire without breaking the bank on garments that barely get worn.

We want to work with you to make change happen.

How it started
  • SuperLooper has been a fabulous way of clothing my one year old, who is growing so fast. The team are lovely and have helped me every step of the way.

    - Carol

  • Fantastic especially if it's your first baby or you got rid of all previous baby clothes. Amazing customer service. So friendly and kind. There is a family and community feel around superlooper.

    - Clare

  • I bought some gift vouchers for my son's teacher who left on maternity leave. A fabulous gift for any parent-to-be and new parents.

    - Laura

We can’t do this without you

Please sign up and donate to or rent from SuperLooper.  Tell all your friends, and together we’ll make a difference and protect the planet for the future of our kids.