There are 183 million items of perfectly good outgrown baby clothing stored away unused in UK cupboards alone. That’s enough for 250 items per newborn baby per year.​

Babies grow 8 clothing sizes by the age of two. This means huge amounts of nearly-new baby clothing getting landfilled, burned in the incinerator or stored away and forgotten.

There are on average around 750,000 babies born in the UK each year. If all those babies wore at least 1 pre-used baby grow we could save 320 tonnes of carbon and 600 million litres of water.

As well as helping to protect the planet by reducing waste and saving carbon and water, renting rather than owning baby clothes will save YOU money, storage space and time.

Hi, I’m Jenny Barrett, the founder of SuperLooper.

I love clothes and loved dressing my kids in all the cute baby stuff – but I also hate the idea of feeding landfills and incinerators just to satisfy my shopping habit.

After running a baby and children’s clothing company for several years, I got to thinking that, organic or not, I was just adding to the problem of over-consumption.

I heard about the circular economy, an alternative to the usual pattern of making, buying, using and then disposing of products.  The new, more sustainable thinking means that systems are put in place to keep things in circulation for longer. This means less new production, with all its carbon emissions, will be necessary.

Meanwhile, like many mums I’d treasured and hoarded my own babies clothes – I was emotionally attached to them and didn’t have the time, inclination or opportunities to clear them out. 

I knew how daft this was getting when I found I had a cupboard full of out-grown clothes and, having had my third child at the age of 44, I wasn’t about to have more babies to pass them on to!  It didn’t take much imagination to realise that this was the same for countless families … and then I found out that there are 183 million items of redundant outgrown baby clothes stored away in UK cupboards alone!  Crazy!

So, with the help of an army of fashion industry, marketing and tech angels and lots of wonderful Brighton families we tried and tested various ways of building a lending library service for pre-loved clothes.  SuperLooper CIC was launched in 2020 focussed very much on people and planet before profit.  Thanks to the generosity of mums, dads, grandparents and genuine sustainable brands doing a conscious clear-out and donating to us, we now have a growing library of over 2000 beautiful baby clothing items ready to be rented by YOU!

Our core team now consists of Ashwin Susarla, Kate Mager and Bella Kennard and we are all here to help connect you with other like-minded parents and make renting baby clothes an enjoyable, easy and affordable no-brainer for all.

Come and join as we help make a brighter future for our babies 🙂