There are 183 million items of perfectly good outgrown baby clothing stored away unused in UK cupboards alone. That’s enough for 250 items per newborn baby per year.​

Babies grow 8 clothing sizes by the age of two. This means huge amounts of nearly-new baby clothing getting landfilled, burned in the incinerator or stored away and forgotten.

There are on average around 750,000 babies born in the UK each year. If all those babies wore at least 1 pre-used baby grow we could save 320 tonnes of carbon and 600 million litres of water.

As well as helping to protect the planet by reducing waste and saving carbon and water, renting rather than owning baby clothes will save YOU money, storage space and time.


Hi, I’m Jenny Barrett, founder of SuperLooper CIC which I run with the loving help of Kate Mager and Ashwin Susarla.  SuperLooper is a not-for-profit because we’re solely driven by our obsession to try and change the way we all (over)consume. 


I love fashion and loved dressing my kids in all the cute clothes out there. But I hate that I spent all that money on things that only got worn for such a short time and then, more often than not, got stored away and forgotten. Such a waste of precious resources. Let’s appreciate and share what we have and break this crazy habit of owning things just for the sake of it. 


I studied fashion and marketing in the 1980’s and upcycled scruffy old American workwear shirts  for my final degree because I didn’t want these beautiful fabrics to go to waste. I ran my SuperNatural children’s clothing company for years using organic fabrics and cotton alternatives like bamboo and modal made from beech trees, because I knew that land and water guzzling cotton was an unsustainable fabric.  After hearing that there are 183 MILLION items of outgrown baby clothes stored and forgotten in UK cupboards alone, I set out to free some of them up and get them back into circulation – and SuperLooper was born.


We can’t do this without you, so please sign up and donate to or rent from SuperLooper.  Tell all your friends, and together we’ll make a difference and protect the planet for the future of our kids.