Gift Card

Gift Planet Conscious Parents The Joy Of SuperLooping
This is the ultimate in sustainable baby shower gifts for parents who love dressing their babies in gorgeous clothes but who dread the idea of creating more waste when they start their families.

They can change their baby’s wardrobe and choose from an endless supply of gently worn treasures and never have to worry about what to do with them when they’re outgrown.

Whether it’s for your friend, family or workmate, they’ll thank you for sending them this thoughtful and unique gift.

Grandparents who want the best future for their grandchildren love this idea – it ticks all the right boxes with the perfect mix of excitement and practicality.

Simply purchase the card you want, add the recipient’s email with your name and message.
They’ll receive the card as an email and redeem by using their special code. They can then sign up and start renting!
The cards buy them £20 worth of clothing rental per month and if they want to choose more, the value is added at checkout.

If you’re already a SuperLooper contact us for a 20% discount on your gift!