Best Eco-friendly Baby & Kid’s Christmas Gifts for Sustainable Families in 2023

Best Eco-friendly Baby & Kid’s Christmas Gifts for Sustainable Families in 2023

Are you having a difficult time thinking up gift ideas for eco-minded parents of babies and small children because you want to avoid unwanted ‘stuff’ piling up post-Christmas?  This is our guide to take all the guesswork out of finding the best presents for family and friends who actively care about the planet.  Keep a note of these ideas for all-year-round sustainable gifts too.

Some beautiful non-wasteful general Christmas-themed ideas include homemade reusable crackers, the best traditional Christmas puds in the world made by my mate Wizz at Plum Duff & Stuff (trust me, every scrap will be eaten), or personalised letters sent by Santa and his elves to delight your little ones from the magical International Elf Service.

Let’s go the extra mile to make sure we don’t end up with a load of sh1t which will inevitably go to waste!  Let’s give our children a more sustainable start in life by choosing to spend our money on more meaningful products.  This doesn’t mean stopping having lovely things, it just means buying less and shopping more consciously and where possible shopping locally and at Christmas Markets:)  

To save you time, I’ve spent a very pleasant day finding the best options for cool presents so that you can give truly unique, useful Christmas and all-year-round gifts that parents will thank you for!


Sending online subscription gift cards is a satisfyingly sustainable way of gifting:

Hand Me Down Book Club Box on The Earth

Hand Me Down Book Club - the monthly book club that saves trees! Your eco family will receive an exciting curated selection box of pre-loved books every month.

Loverly Box and Toy Selection

Lovevery playkits - gift a monthly subscription for little ones to receive expertly-designed and stage-based beautiful playthings made from highly sustainable materials.

Foodini Contents Recipe Cards

Foodini Club - cook and craft subscription boxes packed with inspiring and seasonal ideas for yummy, healthy kid-friendly food and activities.

Whirli Box and Dinosaur and Rainbow Toy

Whirli - send a gift card for a subscription to this huge and wonderful toy rental library and divert toys from landfill - no more neglected toys to cutter family’s homes.

Kit & Kin reusable nappies - Emmas Bunton’s awesome reusable nappy subscription and product line gives eco-parents all they need for happy pooping!

SuperLooper 12-Month GiftCard

Gift one of our SuperLooper baby & toddler clothing subscriptions  - all the cute clothes that parents want and need but with none of the guilt of over-consuming. Sharing stuff is the right and smart thing to do! With our affordable introductory 1-month trial offer gift card priced at just £15, you have the chance to potentially revolutionise your friends and families shopping habits forever!


Love Heartwood Wood Turned Skittles

Loveheardwood - nostalgic and handcrafted heirloom-worthy wooden toys and much more - you can also gift a place on their wood-turning course. 

Toddler Playing with Green Toys Blocks

Green Toys - what a discovery, I so wish it had been around when my kids were small, because let’s face it, it’s difficult to totally avoid plastic in those bright colours that kids love!  These toys are just the ticket and they’re made from recycled milk jugs! Also, don’t forget the wonderful.

Plastic Free Baby And SuperLooper Gift Set

Plastic Free Baby - one of the best places to find no and low plastic alternatives for your baby.  We stock some of their gift sets in SuperLooper

Soft Toy Bear

Loved Before Preloved Toys - My heart melted when I found this sustainable soft toy adoption agency which recycles pre-loved soft toys (yes, adorable teddies and bunnies etc etc).  Genius!

For the rest of the Family.

For the rest of the family do check out these recycled options for beautiful gifts that your family and friends will love:

Chloe Haywood London - glamorous and groovy upcycled gifts and clothing, lovingly made from soft and luxurious fabrics.

Double Denim Kids - original kid’s clothing crafted from reclaimed materials - the coolest denim jackets!

O Moon - beautiful upcycled clothes for women and children made from vintage or repurposed natural fibres.

Elvis & Kresse stunning bags and homeware made from re-claimed fire hoses!

Nkuku - Elegant handblown recycled glass by artisans from India.

Recycled Beads - go to and browse their range which includes this creative kit for kids to make pretty paper beads from old magazines and newspapers.

You could always gift an experience rather than a ‘thing’ - for a cornucopia of experience ideas go to

Finally, if you want more inspiration for a sustainable (ish) yuletide, sign up to Jen Gale’s course - it’s only £10 and you will find all you need to know to enjoy a Christmas that is truly Crap Free!!!

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